Photography Service FAQ

Firstly, it is hard to find anyone better than me. *smile* Jokes aside, Hiring a talented friend to handle catering, music, video or any other part of your wedding could be a good way to spare your budget. However, professional photography delivers more than just a chronological series of clips from your wedding. Professional photographers know how to set up artistic shots, shoot in challenging conditions, skillfully conduct important interviews, and remain unobtrusive so we don’t disrupt the natural flow of the day’s events. Friends treat your wedding day like a celebration and not a working day. It is easier and more comfortable to discuss the stages of the day, moments needed to be photographed with professional than with a friend who is making a favor. So, what you pay for is a professionally shot, as well as the peace of mind that no important moments will be botched or missed while you enjoy the Big Day.

There are plenty talented photographers that are absolutely awesome and if I would have to choose one for myself I would definitely be in troubles. The best way to decide if this person the right one is to ask for the whole portfolio of a full day wedding, starting from bridal preparation till midnight fireworks. Most photographers only show you the work they want you to see but you need to see all of the shots they take — not just their favorite ones. Almost every competent photographer is capable of making a great picture from time to time. What’s much more important is how consistently they take great pictures, not to mention how well they work under the pressure. So don’t start looking at their prices first (although it is also quite important) but pay attention at consistent photo quality, skilled technical composition, thoughtful storytelling and sociable personality. When choosing the photographer you need to take everything into consideration to see the whole picture: check IG account, Facebook, website, portfolio, check how often does the photographer shoots wedding or events of your type. It goes without saying, that you just need to like the style of pictures, the way he or she sees the world, the way he or she communicates (as you need to spend lots of hours together you need to feel comfortable), the way he or she composes the picture, the color scheme. And maybe your gut feeling will also give you some important recommendation while choosing the right person to be a part of your day.

Successful photographers tend to fill their diaries quickly. For that reason, it’s sensible to get in touch with me around 12-18 months in advance to avoid any disappointment. If your wedding date has a magical touch and popular among couple (e.g. like October, 10 or similar) – it is better to reserve up to 2 years in advance. The earlier you book, the more chances to have the photographer you like and not to compromise choosing the one who is free.

After you have decided for how many hours do you need me to cover your wedding day, we organize a personal get to know meeting (or alternatively a Skype session) where I show you my photo galleries and answer all your questions regarding weddings. I have a huge experience in this area, not because I like my couples and to be involved in the planning process, I was a part of many beautiful wedding days and each had something special about it. I know a lot and I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. It is also helpful in case your wedding location is new to me, if our first meeting will take place there so I could have a proper look at the venue and evaluate the advantages and technical possibilities of the place. However, I am flexible and we can have a meeting at any other place of your choice.

I love simplicity, natural light and pure emotions and I think that those three factors make the photograph an unforgettable one. That is why I mainly focus on couples, weddings, families and portraits – they are always full of emotions, you just need to be ready to see it in every client. And I usually do… If we speak about weddings,I cover it in a journalistic style but as wedding day can be long and some parts of it are very different from each other, I do change my genre as well. For example, if a day starts with a “bride getting ready” part I will capture it in a very sensual and romantic way, preserving all the details. Posed family photos will be made as a quick and easy portrait session. The rest of the day I prefer to photograph discreetly the way it was, storytelling the most beautiful day for you and your generations in a journalistic manner, keeping all your details and emotions alive.

No. I have plenty of other inquiries like maternity sessions, families and kids, corporate portraits, engagements, couple shoots, boudoirs and any other events and occasions.

I specialize in all kinds of weddings different in size, color theme, nationality, and confession. I do not discriminate in any way, and my goal is just to make sure you record the event with stunning photography. I am very curious myself so it is always a great chance for me to learn something new during multicultural and international events and I appreciate this experience very much.

I live in Switzerland since 2005 and based in Zug, so most of my clients are from the German speaking part of the country. Being a person who loves to travel and always get excited and inspired by new places and locations I am easy and flexible to follow my clients’ dream and will happily join you in any adventures route. Just let me know where are we going and I am already packing the suitcase!

I photograph with two full format cameras Nikon D800 with high end professional lenses: Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 and Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8.

I am also a proud owner of a middle format analog camera Contax 645 with Carl Zeiss 80mm lens.

The quantity of taken photographs depends on many factors – the number of guests, hours of coverage, event’s type and so on. Usually it is between 75-100 images per hour.

Yes, absolutely. No single watermark. All pictures will be in “ready to print” size and in a high resolution (300ppi).

I go home and get some rest! ))) Usually I ask my clients already at our “first date” if they would like to choose the images for final editing themselves or they would like me to do that. So depending on this decision the process of selection is starting. Normally you get your online password protected gallery with edited images in color within 4-6 weeks (some images for your urgent needs like sending “thank you” cards I can prepare earlier). This web gallery is a very easy to use and share with your relatives and guests, all you have to do is provide the password and downloading PIN to anyone who you want to be able to view the images. Additionally I prepare all these pictures in black and white and you will get it on USB stick that I send as your own back up in a beautiful box.